We see political bargaining without public debate, says opposition leader


The first question that arises when considering the proposed legal solution for amendments to the Law on State Administration is practically that these are amendments that are motivated by the desire to facilitate the political bargaining or the easier creation of a government coalition and for bringing other laws by a two-thirds majority. Political motives for political bargaining, said SDSM leader and MP Dimitar Kovachevski.
The pre-election promise of VMRO-DPMNE and the coalition was to reduce the number of ministries, and now we have a proposal to increase them, Kovachevski added.
“It is done superficially and flatly. Such a complex, systemic law, which should be carried out in a regular procedure, with analyses, with an assessment of the effects, from a financial and personnel aspect, is now carried out in a fast-track procedure,” said the leader of the opposition.

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