Filipche is running for SDSM leader because he thinks that this will save him from responsibility


The party that gave Macedonia on a platter when they raped the institutions and looted did not say a word. And when they always supported something from SDS, they delivered plus 10 times more. In a normal country, Filipche would be ashamed to leave his house. It is clear that he is fighting to become the leader of SDS because he thinks that this will save him from responsibility because he and his spiritual leader Zoran Zaev functioned that way, VMRO-DPMNE said in a press release on Sunday.

“But everything will come to light. Macedonia does not forget, the people remember.

As for Slavjanka, we have nothing to say except that she is a faceless person in Macedonian politics. Even at the level of decor, it is impersonal and without any substance. Like those empty vases in shopping malls that we see are there, we are careful not to bump into them, and when we wonder what they are looking for here, we realize that they had nowhere to put them and they are left empty like that,” said the ruling party.

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