Deadlines near for new government formation


After Prime Minister-designate Hristijan Mickoski was presented with the government formation mandate last Thursday, and Parliament passed late Friday the draft amendments to the Law on the Organization and Operations of State Administration Bodies, the deadlines are approaching for the formation of the new government.

At the presentation of the mandate, Mickoski announced that the new government will be formed soon and according to his expectations, it will be formed before the legal deadline. The main goal of the government, as he indicated, will be to deal with the reforms, announcing the progress of things in the economy, a strong investment cycle, improving the conditions in healthcare, education, agriculture, etc.

The new government will have 20 ministries, four more than before. With the amendments to the Law on State Administration, which were passed in the parliamentary session late on Friday evening, the ministries will be reorganized.

The deadline for forming a government is 20 days after the mandate handover.

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