Demiri illegally fired the Toxicology director Dr. Danil Petrovski, decides SCPC


The State Commission for the Prevention of Corruption (SCPC) approved the reports that the dismissals of the medical director of the Clinic for Toxicology and the director of the Clinic for Cardiology by Health Minister Ilir Demiri were groundless concluding that the minister broke the law on prevention of corruption and conflict of interest and the health protection law. According to the SCPC, the contracts with 18 persons at the clinic, whose employment relationship was terminated, was also legal, because they were not signed by the two directors as required by law.

Then the employees of the Clinic reacted, condemning this act and pointing out that according to the instructions of the Anti-Corruption Commission, the dismissal was illegal, because the election process was ongoing.

While the health inspectors found that the director Besija Iljazi illegally signed the decisions of the contracts extending their employment until the end of the year.

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