We have the highest hopes in Mickoski for institutional integration, says Coalition of Egyptians


The Egyptians as a loyal ethnic community, which is characterized as a peaceful, hard-working and dedicated ethnic community, autochthonous, authentic and special about the multi-ethnic character of the Macedonian state, has its hope for appropriate institutional integration in the incumbent and future prime minister, Prof. Dr. Hristijan Mickoski. The Egyptians have an educated staff who graduated from the state universities in the country, but unfortunately, they are neither fairly nor properly represented in the institutions of the system, the leader of the non-profit association Coalition of Egyptians Demir Dalip told a press conference on Monday.

“This is precisely why Egyptians are by far the most marginalized and disadvantaged ethnic community in Macedonia. And, as a loyal ethnic community, we want to make our own contribution to the development of our common homeland, Macedonia. That phenomenon of marginalization and discrimination of smaller ethnic communities essentially destroys the foundation of a unitary Macedonia. Egyptians invest in realizing the principle of equity and equality, as well as a fair chance for all citizens in the direction of their integration into the system. Such a system is supported and promoted by the Prime Minister-designate, Prof. Dr. Hristijan Mickoski,” Dalip pointed out.

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