Retaining wall of the Children’s Clinic collapsed


The retaining wall above the Children’s Clinic, on the street that passes above the Clinical Center, has collapsed, confirmed the Center for Crisis Management (CMC).

“Several citizens reported that the retaining wall above the Children’s Disease Clinic is in poor condition. From our side, all competent institutions were notified to take the necessary measures. After 1.5 years, nothing has been done and this morning we received a report that a part of this wall has fallen, and the question is when the rest of the wall will come down. That’s why we urge everyone to deal with solving this danger for the citizens. There may also be a collapse of a part of the street, after which a greater tragedy is possible. The CMC has intervened on several occasions, i.e. letters have been sent, but also in a series of other public requests. That’s why we appeal for immediate coordination and immediate overcoming of this danger,” said the CMC head Stojanche Angelov.


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