Number of foreign tourists up by 19.3% in first four months


The number of tourists in April 2024 was 81.752, of which 23.0% were domestic tourists and 77.0% were foreign tourists. The number of nights spent in April 2024 was 151.720, of which 28.8% were realized by domestic and the other 71.2% by foreign tourists, said the State Statistics Office (SSO)on Tuesday.
Out of a total of 62,978 foreign tourists, 25,324 are from Turkey, 3,254 from Germany, 5,006 from Serbia, 2,766 from Greece, 2,319 from Bulgaria, 2,116 from Croatia, 1,892 from Slovenia, etc.
Hotel accommodation was used by 76,662 tourists, of which 24,472 were accommodated in five-star hotels, 40,392 in four-star hotels, 9,840 in three-star hotels… 1,218 tourists stayed overnight, 1,150 in holiday houses, apartments and rooms for rent, 596 in spa resorts, 445 in workers’ resorts, etc.

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