CMC: Seven wildfires in the past 24 hours


Seven outdoor fires and several smaller interventions were registered in the past 24 hours and all were extinguished, the Crisis Management Center (CMC) informed on Thursday.

Firefighters intervened on a burned landfill in the municipality of Karposh. Dry grass was burning near the Bardovci hospital. Dry grass and tobacco scaffolding were set on fire in Prilep. In the municipality of Pehchevo, near the village of Negrevo, locality KashirskaCheshma, low-stemmed plants and a young pine forest burned. In Shtip, they intervened on burning garbage, bushes and dry grass. In the municipality of StaroNagorichane, dry branches were burning, and in the municipality of Rankovce, firefighters intervened on a burnt mixed felled forest.


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