Gjorgjievski: Everything that was blocked by the government in the past will no longer be


ZELS is an association, the highest body of all municipalities, in which all 80 municipalities plus the City of Skopje as a separate unit are members. In addition, there are nine representatives from the Councils, saidOrceGjorgjievski, the mayor of the KiselaVoda Municipality and ZELS head in an interview with TV Sitel.

The municipality mayor added that they are discussing the systematized views of ZELS, the problems that local authorities have been facing for many years and overcoming them, as well as the problems related to legal solutions and, on the other hand, fiscal decentralization.

“After two and a half years of blockade by the Government, the mandate holder for forming the new government appeared, the Prime Minister-designateHristijanMickoski. It is a spark of hope for the municipalities and for the way of functioning, said Gjorgjievski and pointed out that “from now on ZELS will have a partner from the government with whom the multifaceted problems will be solved as soon as possible”.

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