Lefkov: the Greece and Bulgaria cases are issues of human rights


Agreements should be respected, but they are bilateral, they should be respected by both sides. Our government will prepare a document that will state what was not respected by one and the other side. These agreements, I mean the Prespa one, refer to institutions, not human rights, and I encourage citizens to use the name Macedonia. Greece is using the term Skopje more often, and the road signs haven’t changed either. Hence, we should focus more on human rights, says Mile Lefkov from the ranks of VMRO-DPMNE in the TV24’s “24 Analysis” show.

“You saw that by humiliating the public and by blackmailing the public, one does not win elections. Your government operated like a business deal, and you used this deal as an excuse. Now you are trying to do the same even though the new government is not even formed. Protect the citizens and demand their rights,” Lefkov addressed SDSM’s Oliver Spasovski.

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