Both sides have fulfilled the essential aspects of the Prespa Agreement, says Osmani


Today, Macedonia is a member of NATO, because Greece has fulfilled its obligation from the Prespa Agreement, the current chair of the South-East European Cooperation Process (SEECP), BujarOsmani, said on Thursday.

That, according to Osmani, is the pillar of Greece’s obligations is its support to N. Macedonia’s NATO and European integration, while the protocols are issues that remain in their Parliament, as our Law on MANU, Law on MRT and other issues related to the implementation of the name remain.

“They shoud pass their laws, we should pass our laws, but both sides have fulfilled the essence, Greece – Euro-Atlantic integration, North Macedonia – the issue of constitutional amendments and implementation of the name. As a representative of the government, it is important to me that both parties have fulfilled the essential aspects of the Prespa Agreement, and I hope that they will also respect the other obligations and that they must not be an obstacle to the implementation of the agreement,” said Osmani.

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