Miloshoski, Mitreski and Bendevska elected as vice-speakers


At its session on Friday, the Parliament unanimously elected MPs Antonio Miloshoski from VMRO-DPMNE, Jovan Mitreski from SDSM and Vesna Bendevska from the ZNAM Movement as vice-speakers, after they were endorsed as candidates by the Committee on Election and Appointment Issues earlier Friday.

The request for severance pay upon retirement from former MPs Kole Charakchiev, Stojan Milanov and Pancho Minov was also accepted.

At the session on Friday, with one vote against, the Committee adopted the decision to obtain appanage to former MPs Arben Ziberi, Ljatife Shikovska, Enes Ibraim, Snezhana Kalevska Vanchevska, Bastri Bajrami, Vjolca Ademi and Bedri Fazli.

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