Subsidized student meals are being “eaten up” by inflation, students demand changes


University students receive financial support of 140 denars per day or 840 denars per week as a subsidized student meal that they can use from Monday to Saturday. The measure is intended as a support to cover part of the students’ food costs, and funds are allocated from the state budget for it.

Most students think that the amount of the subsidy should be increased to at least 200 denars.

The latest statistical data for May show that retail prices have increased by 1.3 percent compared to April, and by 5.8 percent compared to May last year. Inflation compared to April increased by 0.9 percent, and compared to May last year by 4.5 percent. In the section of food and non-alcoholic beverages, there is an increase of 0.7 percent. The biggest increase is in fruits by 2.6 percent and in bread and cereals by 0.5 percent.

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