Yards of five Tetovo schools to be turned into free parking space for visiting expats


The Tetovo municipality will convert the courtyards of five schools into parking lots as of Tuesday, June 18, and the rationale is that it is being done in order to reduce traffic congestion due to the arrival of expatriates and the increase in the number of vehicles. Parking there will be free of charge.

“This will ease the traffic during the summer when our expats come on vacation and we have more visitors. We also want urge all drivers to respect traffic rules, not to block public transport facilities and to use the city bus in order to reduce air pollution and not cause traffic chaos,” informs the Municipality of Tetovo.

The courtyards of the elementary schools “Istikbal”, “Liria”, “Goce Delchev” as well as the two buildings of the “Kiril Pejcinovikj” high school will serve as parking space.

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