About 260,000 women with health insurance have not selected their gynecologist, about 134,000 have neither


Preventive gynecological examinations are crucial for women’s reproductive health. However, data from health institutions and associations show that there is not a small number of women in our country who have not chosen their gynecologist and those who have not visited a gynecologist for a long time.

Healthcare professionals in the country are unanimous that it is necessary to raise awareness on this issue and to increase the number of workshops and educations in schools, when it comes to women’s health.

The data from the annual report of the Health Insurance Fund (HIF) for 2022 say that the number of women without a selected gynecologist, but with health insurance, is about 260,000, and the number of those without health insurance and without a selected gynecologist, about 134,000 persons. If it is taken into account that in the country 50.4 percent of the active enumerated population are women, then the number of women with health insurance, but without a selected gynecologist, amounts to about 28 percent.


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