Detektor: Internet and social media have a negative impact on children


Children spend too much time on the Internet, and this has a harmful impact on them, according to citizens in the latest survey of public opinion conducted by the Skopje Political Research Institute for Detektor.

It is interesting that this attitude comes from citizens who say that more than two thirds of them use social media, and that they spend more than 2 hours a day on the Internet.

Up to 69.4% of citizens believe that the Internet has a negative impact on children, while 26.1% believe that it has a positive impact.

He had asked this question in last year’s survey and the trend remains similar, although a slight increase is noted in those who see a positive impact, as well as in those who see a negative impact.

The majority of citizens or 25.4% spend between 1 and 2 hours on the Internet per day. 18% spend less than 1 hour while 14.6% spend more than 4 hours online every day.

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