Is the membership preparing a “silent boycott” within SDSM?


The election of a new SDSM leader faces a serious challenge – only about 3,000 party members have so far registered to vote in the intra-party elections, TV Sitel reports, while the party’s membership numbers about 80,000 social democrats.

According to the information received by TV Sitel from a senior party source, the membership is dissatisfied with the selection of candidates to succeed Dimitar Kovachevski, so the speculations in SDSM circles are that a silent boycott of the intra-party elections is planned, after the disastrous election result with only 18 MP seats won and the loss of power.

The managements of municipal organizations went so far as to convince members not to register to vote. Registration lasts until June 20.

In addition to social media appeals for active registration, private text messages were unofficially sent to the membership to stimulate their active registration.



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