Electricity prices might go up starting next month


We will do everything to protect the standard of the citizens, but the fact that ESM will not cover the entire amount of electricity, but will only offer 85 percent in the tender, is worrying. The remaining quantity will have to be supplied by the universal supplier from outside. However, what bill the citizens will pay from July 1 will be known by the end of the month, said the president of the Regulatory Commission and Water Services, Marko Bislimoski.

He added that the state power plants offered a lower price for electricity during the crisis, and their current price of 60 euros per megawatt hour is a surprise.

“We can somehow understand this price of 60 euros per megawatt hour, but I am concerned about the 15% that should be purchased on the free market. It has a serious impact on the final price. Now on the market and the futures we see for the third and fourth quarter, the price, depending on the day, ranges from 90 to 100 euros per megawatt,” said Bislimoski.

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