Nurse accused of stealing cytostatics from the Oncology Clinic sentenced to two years in prison


The nurse from the Oncology Clinic, Amela Osmanovikj, was sentenced to two years in prison for stealing ampoules, including cytostatics intended for cancer patients, from the Clinic on three occasions, on three different days, with the intention of acquiring material wealth, reports Sloboden Pechat daily news outlet.

The verdict, to which Sloboden Pechat had access, is final. The prosecution demanded a higher prison sentence, but the Appellate court did not approve such a request.

The case that was conducted against the 29-year-old nurse is separate and not related to the large investigation into the abuse of biological therapy at the Clinic, where the Public Prosecutor’s Office suspects five people, including four doctors.

Despite the fact that Osmanovikj was sentenced to two years in prison, she fled the country as a passenger in a car owned by a man at the Tabanovce border crossing even before the trials began, so she was tried in absentia, she is not available to the law enforcement authorities and has not begun to serve her prison sentence.

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