Osmani signs order for issuing diplomatic passport to Ejupi in one day


After the outgoing Minister of Foreign Affairs Bujar Osmani signed a decision for former TV presenter Besmira Ejupi to become a diplomat in the consulate in Bonn, Germany, part of the media, citing diplomatic sources, also reported that Osmani signed an order to immediately issue a diplomatic passport to Ejupi, a procedure that normally takes at least 15 days.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs confirmed that Ejupi will be sent there “to help out” due to an increased workload, bearing in mind that emigrants who need travel documents will go to Macedonia.

The ministry adds that in some districts there are temporary vacancies due to annual vacations and other absences and that there is a need for help.

The case of Besmira Ejupi first made waves two years ago when it became known that she, previously known as a TV presenter, was actually employed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and that Minister Osmani had already appointed her as a consul in New York.

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