Parliament to elect new government by Sunday midnight


The Parliament’s session for the election of the new government is expected to be scheduled by the Parliament Speaker Afrim Gashi on Saturday at 11 am, and it should end by Sunday midnight at the latest. As the Prime Minister-designate Hristijan Mickoski announced, he is expected to submit the composition of the government and the program for its work to the Parliament on Tuesday. How long this session will last depends on the number of MPs registered to speak and the debate in the plenary hall.

For now, it is certain that the new government will include VMRO-DPMNE, the parties from the Worth It coalition and the ZNAM movement, which have already revealed their proposals for ministers in the new government. The PM-designate Mickoski announced the names of the ministers from his party Sunday night, and said that he expects to receive the proposals for ministers from the other coalition partners on Monday.

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