SAO: No state institution pays overtime


An allowance for overtime work is paid in only 26 out of 36 institutions, and an allowance for adjustment to the labor market is not paid in any institution, the State Audit Office (SAO) determined. The SAO also stated that the salary calculation module is used only by 29 institutions, and the performance management module is not used at all. It indicates to reconsider the legally determined deadlines for approval of employment plans as well as to harmonize the Law on Administrative Officers with the General Collective Agreement for the public sector in the part of the method of determining the salary.

With the audit of compliance on the topic “Salaries and salary supplements of the administrative officers in the Republic of North Macedonia” published by the SAO, the salaries and salary supplements of the administrative officers for the period from 2021 to 2023 were covered in 14 ministries and 22 institutions, among which institutions where certain issues related to the working relationship of administrative officers are regulated by special laws.

It has been established that the Government continues with the reorganization of public institutions and the strengthening of their capacity in order to establish a unified and coherent system of salaries in the public sector, through the development of strategies for the reform of the public administration and new legal proposals, but the Parliament has not yet are brought.

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