Up to 40 percent of Greeks believe that the Prespa Agreement is harmful


Four out of ten Greek nationals (43 percent) have a neutral opinion of North Macedonia, 37.5 have a negative opinion, and only 18 percent have a positive opinion; the opinion on the support of the EU perspective of the country is almost divided, and the Prespa Agreement for 38.5 percent of the respondents is harmful, according to the results of the public opinion survey of the Greek Foundation for Foreign Policy ELIAMEP, in cooperation with the Thessaloniki University of Macedonia and the Konrad Foundation Adenauer.

The survey, conducted in the second half of April, is about the Greek public opinion on the relations between Greece and Albania, but it also includes questions that refer to other countries in the region, including ours.

To the question “What is your opinion on..”, the respondents were offered Turkey, Bulgaria, North Macedonia, Albania, Serbia and Israel and the opportunity to answer whether they have a positive, negative or neutral opinion.

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