Didn’t they say that the adjective wasn’t for sale? Zaev said “Macedonian” and was immediately cut off by the Greeks


Did the former Macedonian Prime Minister realize that he was being corrected when he used the adjective “Macedonian”? At the International Peace Conference in Athens, he spoke about the three memoranda that Greece needs to ratify, and when he said “Macedonian” he was immediately corrected by the Greek interlocutor, although, according to the Prespa Agreement, adjectives derived from the word “Macedonia” were not subject to change.

North Macedonia – she said, as if she was astounded by Zaev’s vocabulary.

Zaev previously said that through the memoranda, Greece accepted the honor of protecting the Macedonian airspace.

The event organized by the Zaev Foundation and the Tsipras Institute started Monday and continues on Tuesday. It is organized on the sixth anniversary since the signing of the Prespa Agreement. One of the attending was also Matthew Nimetz, the long-time mediator for the Macedonia-Greece dispute who was handed the “Prespa” peace award from the former Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras.


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