Macedonia to spend 263 million euros on defense – more than many richer NATO members


Macedonia’s state budget for 2024 foresees USD 263 million on defense spending, or 2.22 percent of the GDP, according to the latest NATO report on defense expenditures published on Monday.

The country with allocated funds for defense of 2.22 percent is in the 11th place according to the amount of the rate of funds from GDP. The “champion” in this classification is Poland with 4.12 percent of GDP, ahead of Estonia with 3.43, the United States with 3.38 and Latvia with 3.15 percent. The tenth place is followed by Greece with 3.08 percent of GDP, Lithuania with 2.85, Finland with 2.41, Denmark with 2.37, United Kingdom with 2.33 and Romania with 2.25 percent.

By country, Norway is in 12th place with defense costs of 2.20 percent of GDP, ahead of Bulgaria with 2.18, Sweden with 2.14, Germany with 2.12, Hungary with 2.11, the Czech Republic with 2 ,10, Turkey with 2.09, France with 2.06, the Netherlands with 2.05, Albania with 2.03, Montenegro with 2.02 and Slovakia with two percent, as the last, the 23rd, an allied country that reached the threshold of two percent.

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