Mickoski submits motion on new government composition


Prime Minister-designate and VMRO-DPMNE leader HristijanMickoski submitted a motion on the government’s composition and program to the Parliament on Tuesday, after the party’s executive and central committees approved the names of the 15 candidates on Sunday.

“We did not promise much during the campaign, but we promised that Macedonia will be brought back to the citizens and will come out of the clutches of that group of rulers. We have a group of people who are motivated and I expect that each of them will do their best to do something good for our citizens. I expect an uncompromising fight against crime and corruption, there will be no tolerance regardless of which party the person who made a mistake comes from. At the same time, we seriously plan to clear up the suspicions and information about many abuses in the past seven years. I expect quick results in the field of economy, we will have a strong government,” said Mickoski.

“We have a classic case of exodus, young people are leaving the country,” noted the PM-designate.

“We will work on not having division and political caste. I personally guarantee that. I trust each of the proposed officials to follow these guidelines. Better times are coming for citizens, for farmers, for pensioners, etc.” added Mickoski.


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