Fight against corruption is a priority for Mickoski, but it will also require responsibility


VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski in an interview with TV Sitel emphasized that the first priority of the new government will be the fight against crime and corruption.
“Already in the first days of the formation of the new government, I will have a working meeting with the new Minister of Interior, Panche Toshkovski. There must be responsibility for all those suspicions, for all those evidences that have reached us in the past days about crimes committed in the past period, but at the same time I say publicly and I repeat it continuously that there will be no tolerance for any member of the government or any elected a person who will be connected to crime and corruption affairs,” Mickoski pointed out.
“Personally I am the one who will fight against it and personally I will be the one who will immediately act and they will be changed because for me what was patriotism in the 19th century associated with the holster and the dagger today in the 21st century it represents honest work, work in accordance with the law and the Constitution if you get the trust of the citizens,” added Mickoski.

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