Janevska: Curricula and programs will have to be changed because they are clearly not having an effect


I have said this National Strategy many times that I think it is very necessary, these would be the principles on which we would establish the educational system with political consensus in Macedonia. Of course, it would be with the consultation of the expert bodies and the expert panel, pointed out Vesna Janevska, who has been proposed for the Minister of Education and Science position.
“Curricula and programs will really have to change because they are clearly not working. I say that according to the principle that I wish to have continuity, analyzes are currently being done and were done before, what the teachers, parents and older students consider to be good in those programs, we will keep as the Government,” noted Janevska.
She pointed out that criticism from the EU and international tests show that our children’s knowledge is at an unenviable level and that must change.

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