Newborn had died in the Bitola hospital


A newborn baby boy died in the Bitola hospital. The baby was transferred to the Clinic for Children’s Diseases in Skopje, from where they say that the baby was brought without signs of life.
The Bitola Clinical Hospital announced that the patient was in advanced pregnancy and had been complaining of pain for two days. She had a caesarean section, and this was her third mismanaged pregnancy. The day after birth, the condition of the newborn suddenly worsens, which is why both parents are called to give written consent for the transportation of the newborn, as it is of high risk. It was explained to both parents that the newborn’s condition is risky. The transport was carried out as soon as possible, said the Bitola Hospital.
At the Children’s Diseases Clinic, it was ascertained that the baby had died and was returned to Bitola. The body has been handed over for an autopsy.

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