New VMRO-DPMNE-led government will have extremely high-quality staff, the fight against crime and corruption will be top priority, says Mizrahi


In an interview with TV Alfa’s “For or Against” show, MP and member of the VMRO-DPMNE Executive Committee Rashela Mizrahi says that the new staffing solutions in the new Government led by VMRO-DPMNE are of exceptional quality.

“We will do our best to move forward, it was more than obvious from the caretaker ministers and deputy ministers in the caretaker government. I am very pleased with the staffing solutions in the new government because they are extremely high-quality people,” said Mizrahi.

Mizrahi added that “until now the ministers were concerned about personal benefit, that’s why we have such a high rate of crime and corruption. Crime and corruption in over 90 percent is controlled by the state, which means that the ministers and the government had a part in it,” Mizrahi said.

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