Ramiz Merko trial begins – Struga mayor pleads not guilty


At the Struga Basic Court the main hearing began Thursday against Struga Mayor Ramiz Merko for the illegal appointment of principals in primary schools in the villages of Podgorci, Labunishta, Veleshta and the “Brakja Miladinovci” school in Struga.
Judge Jordan Jovanov combined the three cases for illegal appointment of directors, where only Merko was involved, into one, while a separate case will be conducted for the school in Veleshta, where in addition to abuse of office, the crime of forgery was also committed, and four people are accused. The hearing on the Veleshta case was postponed until further notice.
Regarding the illegal appointment of principals, Merko emphasizes that he understands what he is accused of, but he does not feel guilty for the crimes, because he made continuity in the work of primary schools.

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