Aggeler v. DUI – No legal obligation for DUI to be in the new government, the winner chooses its partners


In an interview with 360 Degrees, asked about the remarks by DUI that the Worth It coalition joining the new government instead of DUI is a violation of the Framework Agreement, United States Ambassador Angela Aggeler said that she was satisfied that the government was made up of different groups and that there’s no legal obligation that DUI should be in the government.
It is a part of a living democracy, the ambassador replied when asked if DUI’s position could cause any disturbance in the country.
Aggeler has no understanding of DUI’s complaints that the choice of VMRO-DPMNE to form a coalition with Worth It instead of DUI, as a coalition that won more MP seats, is a violation of the spirit of the Framework. In the interview, she said that the winner is the one who chooses its partners, but also that the European Front and Worth It were a coalition.

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