Constitutional Court initiates procedure for two articles of legal amendments to the Law on Obligation Relations


The Constitutional Court initiated a procedure for Article 2 and Article 4 of the Law on Amendments and Supplements to the Law on Obligation Relations. As announced by the Court, a temporary suspension of the implementation of the contested provisions was voted (the so-called “temporary measure”).
“The court expressed doubt that the challenged articles contradict several constitutional provisions, including the rule of law (Article 8 1 paragraphs 3 and 6), the right to guaranteed property (Article 30 paragraph 1), the right to equality of citizens (Article 9 paragraph 2) and especially the ban on (returning) retroactive application of laws (Article 52 paragraph 4),” reads the court’s press release.
The question was raised before the Court that the legislator did not respect what he had originally guaranteed and established new conditions and terms under which established legal relations between creditors and debtors will take place.

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