Worth It coalition leaders present the Patriotism Platform


Ahead of the government election session scheduled for Saturday, the ‘Worth It’ coalition leaders held a forum on Friday to present the Platform of patriotism as knowledge, professionalism and responsibility, which will guide the coalition’s ministers, deputy ministers and heads of institutions in the next four-year term as part of the new government.
“The time of demagoguery is over. Today, educated, experienced and courageous people are required to follow through the complex reform processes to make our country normal, economically developed and ready for integration in the EU. We will focus on work, respect for institutions, accountability for the task undertaken, fulfilment of obligations on time and successfully. This can only be done by the new generation that is freed from the burden of the old, from the mortgages of the past, from the folklore full of words and little effort. We are the generation of politicians who have equality in the genetic code, not in political speeches, who will achieve equality with actions, not words,” said Democratic Movement leader Izet Mexhiti, who is nominated as First Deputy PM and Minister of Environment and Physical Planning in the new government.

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