Bislimoski: The power outage in part of the region confirmed the necessity of investments in energy


All mechanisms have been activated so that we do not feel the domino effect of the power outage that affected part of the region today, said president of the Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) Marko Bislimoski. According to him, ERC is in communication with the transmission system operators and the regulatory bodies of the countries that are affected by this situation.
Today’s power outage in Montenegro, BiH and parts of Croatia is another confirmation, Bislimovski assessed, that investments in the energy sector are crucial and must be a priority.
“Today’s major news in the region that almost all of Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina and part of Croatia are left without electricity is just a confirmation that investments in energy must be the number one priority. MEPSO has activated all mechanisms so that the domino effect is not felt in our country. It was not so far away when the country, the region faced a blackout (collapse of the electrical grid). We are in communication with the transmission system operators, as well as with the regulatory bodies of the countries affected by this situation. Energy is intertwined like the blood vessels in the human body. I will repeat: investments, investments and only investments are necessary,” said Bislimoski.
Major power cuts were reported earlier on Friday across Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania and Croatia.

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