Former MP Mile Andonov has died after a fall from a roof


Former Member of Parliament from the ranks of the SDSM, Mile Andonov, has died after falling from the roof of his summer house in the Osogovo Mountains.
“The emergency medical service reported that M.A. born in 1962 from Kochani fell and died on the spot while working on the roof of his summer house. The emergency medical service confirmed death, the public prosecutor was notified,” said the Macedonian Ministry of Interior in a press release.
In three terms between 2008 and 2016, Andonov was part of the SDSM MP group, was a member of the Budget Council of the Parliament, and was also in its composition of the committees on economic issues and on financing and budget. It was also part of Parliament groups for cooperation with the Parliaments of Belgium, the Czech Republic and Spain.
As an economy graduate, Andonov ran a private textile business for many years.

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