Mickoski announces EUR 400 investment at government election session


Economic revival, increase in pensions and salaries, investments in education, healthcare and culture, fight against corruption, responsibility for every crime and reforms in line with European standards, announced Prime Minister-designate and VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski.
Presenting the new government agenda, Mickoski announced a new investment deal of more than EUR 400 million starting Tuesday, tax reduction and pension and wage increase, an uncompromising fight against corruption and crime, building good relations with neighbors and nurturing interethnic relations.
“The time is coming when the homeland should do more for every citizen, each of you has done everything for your homeland, now it’s time for your homeland to do for you,” added the PM-designate.
“According to the knowledge we have, the situation in the country is close to clinical death in several key areas, devastated beyond recognition, with institutions brought to the brink of literal ruin and unprecedented dysfunctionality. The public will be informed about everything, and I’m not saying this with the intention of making excuses or crying over the bad situation, but because we will respond decisively, because this generation has no option of failure, and together we will have to take great steps forward. I announce a furious start of projects and new investments immediately. In fact, we didn’t rest for a single second in the past period,” stated Mickoski.

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