Miloshoski: SDSM, who signed the Prespa Agreement, is currently attacking in a coordinated manner together with the Greek side


An over-indebted state is inherited in which previous governments established corruption as a rule, and the rule of law became a selective exception. The citizens will rightly have expectations for a better standard of living, and there is a huge financial hole and over-indebtedness in the budget, MP Antonijo Miloshoski said at the Parliament session on Saturday.
Miloshoski emphasizes that chaos is being inherited in all institutions and enterprises such as ELEM, Customs, in education and health, Macedonian forests, Railways, Water Management Agency, Post, FZO, Court Administration, all this is the result of the failure of SDSM and DUI.
In foreign policy, to continue the strategic partnership with the USA, this is the way through which Macedonia can fight for its interests globally.
“If you notice in the last few days there have been coordinated attacks, one from within the SDSM, and the other from Mitsotakis from Athens in relation to the Prespa Agreement, and to make the bipolarity more pronounced, in Macedonia the attacks come from those who signed this agreement. In relation to Bulgaria, the negotiating framework was additionally and unnecessarily burdened by the Second Protocol, with which Osmani agreed that history would be the criterion, and this will be a challenge that we will have to fight with,” said Miloshoski.

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