Registration deadline of membership to vote for SDSM leader ends on Sunday


Sunday is the deadline in which SDSM members can register if they want to vote for the new leader of the party in the upcoming intra-party elections.
The election for a new SDSM leader is scheduled for June 30 after the former prime minister and leader of the party Dimitar Kovachevski resigned after losing the parliamentary elections.
Four candidates, Slavjanka Petrovska, Jovan Despotovski, Venko Filipche and Aleksandar Bajdevski, have expressed their interest in the race for the future leader of the party. In the meantime, the deadline for active registration of SDSM members to vote in the intra-party elections is running, and ends on Sunday.
There is no census planned for the election of the new leader, and the elected leader of the party will be considered the one who will receive the support of the majority of members who voted in the intra-party elections.

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