Berovo pays tribute to the fallen defenders from the2001 military conflict


Berovo marks 23 years since the death of the fallen defenders Zoran Bubevski, Nikola Pehchevski, Ljupcho Mirchovski and Dimitar Dvojakovski, who died in the military conflict in 2001, and three years since the unveiling of the memorial, which was put up in their honor by the Municipality of Berovo.
Delegations from the units of the fallen veterans, from the Municipality of Berovo, from the families of the fallen veterans, OVR Berovo, Organization of Reserve Officers Berovo – Pehchevo and political parties, laid flowers at the memorial of the fallen veterans.
A short report on the work of the fallen defenders was read before the attendees and a minute’s silence was observed.
“As a sign of great respect for the fallen defenders, the names of four streets in Berovo have been renamed, thus once again, we bow to them and perpetuate the memory of our heroes, whose lives are embedded in the foundations of our country. I bid eternal glory to the fallen defenders and eternal memory of Zoran Bubevski, Nikola Pehchevski, Ljupcho Mirchovski and Dimitar Dvojakovski. Their memorial will erase their characters from oblivion forever,” said Berovo Mayor Zvonko Pekevski.

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