Bytyqi: One of the party leader candidates doesn’t believe in SDSM’s values and ideology


MP Fatmir Bytyqii, who a few years earlier was the deputy PM for economic affairs in the SDSM-DUI government, said in an interview with RFE/RL that he thought about running for the new leader of the Social Democrats every day, but he believes that the party does not need an additional division and grouping. His view is that the campaign for the future leader of SDSM is not going in the best way.
“I believe that the election campaign for leader is not going in the best way because not all the participants in the election campaign fully believe in SDSM’s values and ideology and forget that this is not a personal battle. This is a battle for the party, for a state-building party that has shown over the decades that it cares for everyone,” said Bytyqi.
Asked of whom exactly he was thinking, Bytyqi replied:
“I think they will figure it out on their own. Not many, one in four. People who previously boycotted or did not support the party’s activities at all and always benefited from it, cannot claim the leadership position.

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