Huge storm in the Tetovo region, fire department requests that the city be disconnected from electricity


The Tetovo region was hit by a strong storm this afternoon, followed by heavy rain, thunder and strong wind.
Traffic is completely blocked both in the city and on the Tetovo-Skopje highway where there is still rain and hail.
The commander of TPPE Tetovo demands that the electricity be turned off in all of Tetovo, because according to him, the risk of electric shock to the citizens and firefighters is very high due to the fact that the basements of several houses and buildings are flooded, the Crisis Menagement Center (CMC) said.
Part of the media reports that EVN has agreed to turn off the electricity street by street. More than 100 basements and houses are under water, and all teams of the Tetovo fire department are on the ground. They pulled out people and flooded vehicles.
The Tetovo TPPE urges all those planning to head to Tetovo to postpone their trip due to the large floods on the approaches and entrance to the city.
CMC director Stojanche Angelov says that the storm lasted 40 minutes and huge amounts of water flooded yards, basements, buildings. Damage was done to agricultural and horticultural crops. Roofs, canopies, vehicles and lampposts were damaged.
A storm hit Skopje as well.

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