King Charles and Camilla will wear Ohrid pearls


On the occasion of the visit to Buckingham Palace in the United Kingdom and the meeting with His Majesty King Charles III with the Macedonian ambassador to the UK, Her Excellency Katerina Stavreska, in addition to the protocol part of the meeting organized at the highest level with His Majesty, the respected ambassador expressed cordiality and friendship of the Macedonian people to the British people with gifts from the most beautiful old brands that traditionally represent the culture of Macedonia and the region around the world.
The brand Ohridski Biser and Filigran-Filevi T.M. 1928 expresses great gratitude for the trust and honor shown to us, for this magnificent act, to choose our luxury pearl jewelry that was specially made with great love, respect and positive energy, the fourth generation manufacturer of original Ohrid pearl and honorary consul of the Republic Serbia in Macedonia with headquarters in Ohrid, Mihajlo Filev, M.Sc.
For His Majesty King Charles III shirt buttons were made of pearl plates engraved with initials using a special hand technique and set in a decorative filigree artistic outline.

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