Legal team will defend the woman who killed her husband and father-in-law, neighbors are signing up as witnesses


The thirty-six-year-old woman, a victim of domestic violence, who killed her husband and father-in-law in the family house in Kratovo, received legal assistance and a law firm that will represent her pro bono in the case and in the court process.
“This is a woman of small stature, who still has traces of the gruesome day. I believe that no family should go through what the accused and her minor children went through. We have a long legal battle ahead of us,” says attorney Hristijan Georgievski in a statement for Telma TV.
Georgievski and his team have already filed an appeal to replace the measure of detention. From the police in Skopje, Kumanovo and Kratovo, as well as from the centers for social work, they requested complete documentation for all reports submitted so far by the suspect as well as against her. Several neighbors have already registered as witnesses, but they do not reveal whether a psychiatric examination was requested and whether she was physically assaulted by her father-in-law at the time of the crime.

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