Macedonia and its citizens get a new Government: New PM Mickoski promises work, projects and new investments immediately


The Parliament with 77 votes in favor and 22 against late on Sunday elected the new government with Hristijan Mickoski as the Prime Minister. The government coalition is made of VMRO-DPMNE, ‘Worth It’ coalition parties and the ZNAM Movement.

After an exhaustive two-day debate on the candidates for future ministers and the work program of the Government for 2024-2028, the Parliament elected the new government. The government cabinet headed by Prime Minister Mickoski is made up of 23 ministries, that is, with the amendments to the Law on the Organization and Work of State Administration Bodies, two weeks ago, the Parliament voted for the establishment of 4 new ministries with a two-thirds majority.

As Prime Minister Mickoski said in the exposition, the goal of the VMRO-DPMNE-led government is the restoration of institutions, the fight against crime and corruption, and finally the rule of law.

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