Resolution of the ORs compressors problem will be specified soon, says Taravari


The new Minister of Health Arben Taravari visited the surgical clinics in the Clinical Center for an insight into the dysfunctionality of the compressors in the operating rooms (ORs). He said that he will receive a report from the tests in the next few days and hopes that by Friday he will make a definitive decision on how to solve the problem – whether the existing system of the ORs can be repaired or a new one will be installed.

“I talked to almost all the directors, as well as the directors of general services. They say that in some operating rooms there is no odor at all. In some, especially in abdominal surgery rooms, there is a certain smell and therefore the anesthesiologists do not allow the central compression system to work. I expect in the next few days, tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, to receive a report of the tests that have been done and see how we can solve the problem faster,” Taravari said.


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