Wind park investment worth €450 million to introduce €100 million in GDP


Prime Minister Hristijan Mickoski on a working visit to Shtip Monday, his first since taking office, said that the investment for a wind park, due to be revealed tomorrow, will bring 100 million euros in increased revenue in the GDP.

“Macedonian wind will bring an additional 100 million euros per year to the GDP. We will announce the project tomorrow, along with the developer. The wind park will be built between the three municipalities, Karbinci, Shtip and Radovish. This is an investment worth 400-450 million euros. There are no special laws, there is no guaranteed purchase at a guaranteed price for 20-30 years, but an investor who will invest 450 million euros, and the state will receive 100 million euros more income in GDP, which should bring 20 percent of the total electricity production,” noted Mickoski.


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