Lefkov: This government will have a difficult task – to reform the country


Today is a significant day because today is the first day in which Macedonia has a government led by Hristijan Mickoski, a prosperous and fair government, finally Macedonia got a government by the people for the people, specifically for me and this government is that the mandate holder has started to fulfill promises even before its formation. On that very day, we can see that the prime minister and the team are out in the field and are already working and we have started a campaign which is called “We start”, but the work started much earlier with the amendment of the law on the organization of the state administration, practically a reform that is not aimed at citizens, but a very significant reform is aimed at the state administration itself, because after almost 3 decades, the way in which the administration works is changing, said VMRO-DPMNE MP Mile Lefkov in an interview with Alfa TV.
Lefkov also added that, unlike the previous government, Macedonia got a government from the people and for the people who will have a very difficult task to reform the country.
“Now we have a government which is of the people and for the people, but which will have a difficult task, but it is good that this is how we started the work to reform the state. When we entered the pre-election, we said that we have to restore hope. The problems are being solved and we have to do our jobs,” said Lefkov.

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