Macedonia ranks 3rd in Europe according to gun death rates


With 12.25 gun deaths per million inhabitants, North Macedonia ranks third in Europe according to gun deaths rates, shows an analysis of Landgeist, a statistics website, based on data of the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation, based in Seattle University.
There is a higher rate of gun death in Turkey (18.16) and in Albania (15.20). From neighboring countries, this rate in Serbia is 10.44, in Bulgaria 7.69, and in Greece 4.35.
The lowest rates are in Great Britain (0.66), Iceland (0.87) and Norway (0.92). These three countries are the only ones in Europe where the police do not carry firearms.
Overall, the gun death rate in Europe is extremely low. All countries in Africa, Asia and Oceania (in which there is no armed conflict) also have few deaths caused by firearms.

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