We have to be responsible NATO member amid complex geopolitical context, says Mucunski


As a NATO member, we have to be a responsible country especially amid the complex geopolitical context in the continent we’re living in, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade Timcho Mucunski stated Tuesday in Brussels after a meeting with NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg.
“It is not a question of whether we should, but we must continue such investments. It is in the interest of the Alliance of which we are a member, but we believe that it is also in our national interest,” Mucunski said, confirming the country’s commitment to fulfilling the obligation to allocate funds to the Defense Budget at the level of at least two percent of the national GDP.
Mucunski said that he was pleased with the meeting held with Stoltenberg, which he assessed as positive and cordial, and at which he confirmed the commitments of the new Government led by Prime Minister Hristijan Mickoski, related to our membership in NATO, such as the support of the defense and deterrence policy and the continued support of Ukraine.

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